Serious stuff

Hostel rules

  • Respect the other guests, the staff and the hostels accommodation.
  • Do not smoke or use fire in the building.
  • Do not use alcoholic drinks in the rooms.
  • People who are not paying guests are not allowed in the rooms.
  • At night external people are not allowed in the building. Please make sure the front door is closed properly when you enter and don’t let anybody in you don’t know or who doesn’t have a key.
  • Return your key at the reception when you check out.
  • All payments done at the reception can not be refunded.
  • The staff is allowed to ask for a deposit.

Measures for when rules are violated

  • Removal from the hostel without a refund.
  • Withholding of the deposit.
  • Key not returned: a compensation of €10 per key.
  • Misbehaviour: a fine of minimum €10 per person.
  • Damage to the property: full compensation for the damage caused.
  • Staff intervention time: a fee of €30 per hour.
  • A combination of these fines, fees and measures.

Please be aware that

  • to charge one of the above measures, we are allowed to use the credit card details with which the reservation was made.
  • we take a copy of your ID at check-in.
  • we collect data from our keycard access system and our security cameras.
  • the police will be notified in extreme cases of misbehaviour.