Serious stuff

Security and Safety

What we do to maximize security

  • During check-in we take a scan of an authentic photographic identification of every guest
  • Guests have to sign that they agree with our hostel rules
  • We refuse people we don't feel comfortable with.
  • With our keycard access system we can see who opens a door where and when at all times
  • This access system is connected with several surveillance cameras in the hostel
  • You can use the lockers in the rooms and our storage room to secure valuable things
  • We do not allow people who are not paying guests to visit the rooms
  • We encourage our guests that when they enter at night they have to close the front door properly. We make them aware not to let anybody in they don’t know or who doesn’t have a key
  • We remove people from the hostel in case of misbehaviour

What we do to maximize safety

  • Hostel Uppelink is officially recognized by Toerisme Vlaanderen. According to Belgian and Flemish law our hostel is qualified to safely welcome people
  • The main implication of this is that Hostel Uppelink meets all the fire safety regulations
  • We tell our guests not to smoke in the building and not to use alcoholic beverages in their room

A concierge lives in the hostel. In case of nuisance or in case of emergency, the concierge can be contacted by using the intercom at the reception desk or by using the phone number on the front door.